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For reference, that board is about 3.5 inches wide.A lovely spring day.Hail we had in about 5 minutes.Logan the ham.Logan ready for bed.Logan looking coolAn old cabooseThese are a row of fire engines.  Sandra and Logan enjoying a beautiful May dayThe Historical Trucks that memebers of the American Historical Trucking Society.  As you can tell there are just hundreds of cars in mint condition.Wow!!And now trucks!Logan leading mommy through the cars.I tell you I have never seen so many cars.And they are even up above.And the cars go on and on.These are outside undercover though.Yes, there were two large buildings with nothing but cars and more...And even more cars.What a great collection.Just look at these cars, they were amazing.More cars from the collection.The joy of being a child!Logan enjoying the joy of dandelion blowingIt was amazing these cars are just out in the woods and there were hundreds of them.These are cars covered in tarps on the acreage where the car collection is located.Cars in trailers at the property where part of the Harold LeMay collection is held.Picture of a TransAm from the collection of Harold LeMayCars from the collection of Harold LeMayLogan, Daddy and Mommy Oct. 2001Timm & Logan on the bike.Timm & Logan on the bike.Another picture of us.The dogs and us. Timm, Sandra, Logan, Baja & Maya Oct. 2001Timm, Sandra & Logan Oct. 2001Sandra, Timm and Logan Oct. 2001Logan reaching for leaves Oct. 2001Logan and Sandra on Timm's bike.Sandra at Logan's birthday part 2001.Sandra, Timm and Logan on Timm's bike.Before the walkway and looking at the landscape timbers Timm put in to denote grass from parking.And this is the concrete Timm broke, cut, sledge hammered....The last bit of concrete that had to be removed to pour new concrete.Timm had to use wedges to get through this.This is how thick the concrete was on the landing that was orginally at the bottom of the stairs.Got your six shooters on?You like that sombrero?Hey Amigo, como esta?taking a siesta?Been around here long, bub?Leveling out the walkway.Dad, Timm & Ron (Ron came by to see how they were doing).And the walkway being poured.What a cutie...Hello Mr. Logan.What a great new walkway.Picture from far out of the walkway.Our beautiful new walkway poured by Timm.