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Larry, September, & Doug chatting it up.Justine, Connor & Walter.  Uncle Mark & Logan pointing at mommy.Alan & Christina.Alan & Christina - what a nice looking couple.Pasha & debbie posing for a pic.Uncle Mark & Logan enjoying some time together.Gary, Mel & Kristi enjoying some outdoor fun.Mark & Kristi what a handsome couple.What a great picture.  Maddie and mommy (Debbie)Look at that smile.Maddie giggling like every little girl should.Sierra enjoying herself.Kids relaxing on the grass after playing hard.Kids in the grass at our BBQLogan at the Woodland Park Zoo. Logan looking for more food. Logan loved feeding the goats. Lucas, Jared and Logan feeding the goats. Lucas and Jared on the seal sculpture. Logan on a seal sculpture. ET the sea lion. ET the sea lion. The real Polar Bear. Sitting on the Polar Bear sculpture at the zoo. Logan at Point Defiance. Logan coming out of the house to play.Danger Boy playing outside.  Logan enjoying a hot day and playing his harmonica. Maya has to know what is going on at all times. Baja & Maya enjoying the front yard. Baja acting all regal.Logan's Blue's Clues Sprinkler.Getting soaked in the sprinkler. Playing in the water. Logan in his Blue's Clues sprinklerLogan putting pea gravel in the front end loader. Lucas having a good time. Walter & Jared enjoying a day at the lake. Playing in the pea gravel. Logan at The Ross' at Lake Trask. Logan out at Lake Trask in Mason County.Logan and Lisa playing around. Logan and his squirt gun.Logan posing with squirt gun. Lisa & Logan.Logan, Lisa and squirt guns.Logan, Lisa and the dogs. Russell & Jeff.Jennifer, Mom, Dad, Sandra ,Heather, Donna & Julie.Russell 9with his back to the camera), Zac, Pasha, James  &  DadJulie and Jeff.  Russell (Julie's boyfriend), Zac (jennifer's husband) & Pasha.  Sandra, Jeff, Julie.Dad, Rebecca, Jeff, Dan, Susan.Susan, Russell 9Julie's boyfriend), Jennifer (Jeff's sister), Zac (Jennifer's husband), Julie (Jeff's sister)Sandra, Richard (Jeff's stepdad) Pasha & Rebecca.Heather, Bob & Donna. Logan in Heather's lap, Jeff, Dan & Susan.  Timm's dad and his wife.Rebecca (jeff's Daughter), Jeff, Dan, and SusanLogan digging in the gift bag.  Logan was helping take the tissue out of Aunt Heather and Uncle Jeff's wedding present.  Logan being silly....Donna (jeff's mom), Jeff, James (Jeff's son), Dan (Jeff's uncle), Susan (Jeff's Aunt, married to Dan).Logan and Aunt Heather, and Grandpa Rick.Logan and Aunt Heather.Logan going into his bedroom after bath.Bath time....Bath photo.  Usually one of Logan's favorite times of the day.See the sticker he  went and found.Thought this was a cute pic.  Logan has an owie on his left foot (lime green band aid) but he went and found a sticker for the other foot.