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THe dogs....Dressing the pigPeople...lots of people.Dressing the pigTaking picture of the kids.Sierra Phares, Mom GleasonMArk, Kristi and Walt arriving.  Maddie having a swing at the pinata.  Trying to help Maddie break the pinata.  Diane walking her dogs Buster and Sadie.  Helping Maddie break the pinata open.  Logan hitting the pinata.  Helping Logan hit the pinata.  One of Jeff's cousins children.  Pasha, Debbie and Kristi.  Helping Rebecca break the pinata open.Sandra helping Rebecca break the pinata open.The pinata breaking open.The candy grab.Logan and Auntie Heather.Jeff, Heather & Rebecca.  Jeff, Heather, Richard & PashaToasting the marriage.Jeff, Heather, Richard and Pasha.Heather, Jeff and Jeff's stepdad Richard toasting the marriage.Cutting cake.Cutting the congratulatory cake.Jeff with a piece of cake to feed to Heather.Jeff being fed cake.Jeff eating his cake he was fed.Jeff after being fed cake.There is the sparkler bomb.  Jeff holding the baby.  Heather & Walter closer to the water.  Kristi, Sandra & Logan in foreground.Krisri, Sandra & Logan, Heather & Walt by the water.Pasha & Jeff in the foreground, Mom & Rick in the chairs, Debbie & Herb standing up.Mark enjoying a cigar and beer.Jeff and Pasha with sparkler bomb and Herb in the background. Jeff and Pasha and the famous sparkler bomb.Mark & Kristi Ross in background, one of Jeff's cousins husbands in foreground.  Sandra (standing with Logan in front) Ian Phares and Heather.  Logan in his swim googles.Painting the houseThom painting the side of the house.Timm hiding on the side of the house.Logan is still such a ham in pictures.Logan a silly boy!A day painting with grandmaLogan spends some fun time with GrandmaLogan getting kisses from Grandma ZoePainting the houseEvery boys dream, a huge wagonLogan in his wagon!My huge pot of flowers.It is all about stopping to smell the flowers.What a cute boy!Logan sticking his whole head in the flowers.Logan enjoying mom's flowersMom (Zoe) holding a test board for Thom.  A close up of Logan in the boom basket.  Logan and the boom...Logan having a great time in the boom.  Out own little painter in the making.  Logan in the boom while it was down.  Painting.Thom ( a friend) on the boom and Timm on the ground.  More painting.  This day was actually a lot of fun and work. Our house painting adventure.  Logan and Baja.  Logan is trying to be sweet and pet her. Baja enjoying a day in the yard.Logan sitting on the unused half of our firepit w/ waterballoons in hand.