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The first land I can see in WashingtonLogan looking silly.Logan in his PJsRough housing with dad is always a lot of fun.It's playtime with dad.Logan riding daddy's back.Riding daddy.So, what are we cleaning today son?Logan and his broom.He loves to have his picture taken.What a humours young man.Logan is a huge ham.Patting at my lap.Reaching for the camera.What a swetie pie.  Freshly bathed and ready for bed.A blurry picture of pumpkin.Logan leaned up against the chair already for bed.Pitiful Maya behind the fence.What a damn ham.Logan's new face because of the flash on the camera.Speak up will you?Logan are you sweeping?This was one of Logan's favorite Christmas presents....yes, a broom.There is our sweetie sweeping up.Hey Logan, what is on your mouth?  Is that whipped cream?It is whipped cream!  Who gave that to you?   Mommy did?  Do you like it?Not sure what he is doing here.Baja on the back dec.Baja loves the snow as you can tell.Snow covered branches.Logan and Maya having a great time.All of our kids enjoying the snow.Pondering on how to attack MayaLogan seemed to really like the snow.Checking out the snow.Maya eating snow off his glove.Waiting for the dogs to come back.Toddling around in the snow.He really liked what little snow we had.He just had to sit down in the white stuff.Snow....Where is your shirt?An in your face boy.