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Carryng a full hald case of lemonade around.Uncle Doug and Logan.  Logan wants to know if he wants a lemonade.Carrying a full half case of lemonade.Logan carrying a full half case of lemonade.  We bought a new tote and Logan crawled on in.Logan in a box.Fun in the sun.Being sprkinkled from the sprinkler.Logan thought it was great to kick and see the water fly.Having a great time.  Kick, kick, kick...Causing havoc.Showing us his owie.You aren't going to splash are you?Are you splashing?Hey, who caused that wave?Having some fun.Our little boy in his wading pool.A lovely day in the pool.Logan in the poolNaked boy in the pool.In the pool on a beautiful summer day.Logan in the pool.Logan and his fish.HAving fun with his fish racquet.Hey, did you get wet?A boy and his toys.He really liked his pool finally.  There is a Logan in the pool.Oh there is nothing like watching these two play.A boy and his dog.  Maya and Logan playing.Logan and Maya emjoying a beautiful afternoon.Logan wth squirt gun.Logan enjoying a beautiful summer day.Server room Timm builtA shot of most of the people at our party. The boys having fun.  Larry, September and Josh enjoying everyone else.Terry, Christina and Kristi engaged in conversation.Dora (with her back to us), Indra (in blue), Beth and Doug enjoying our party.JP and Julia enjoying a lovely afternoon in our front yard.