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Logan discovering the fun of crawling in, around and under things.Logan loves crawling and climbing.What a sweetie pie.Hey what are you doing there Mr. Clean?Hey, what is that you have on?  Just a towel?Daddy, I am naked, stop taking pics.Sandra preparing for bed on our first night in Boise.Logan sleeping in the hotel room.  He looked so peaceful.Sandra, Richard and Beth in the hotel room.Beth and Richard in our hotel room enjoying some down time.Beth and Richard Eibert the night before her black belt test on Boise, ID.Logan surrounded by toys.Logan in the plastic bin.Logan really likes his bin we will see if he sits in it.What are you doing son?Are you getting in the bin son?I think he is there for the rest of the day.Will he ever get out of the bin?Isn't he cute?  It is a Logan-In-The-Box.Chaning positions in the box.He loves to sit in things.Logan is in this tub that holds his blocks usually.Logan longing to go outside and play.Baja and Maya wrestling...Maya has Logan's blanket on.Maya wearing Logan's blanket.Maya and Logan in the car on the ferry.Baja are you giving Maya a kiss?  Baja and Maya sitting in the car waiting for the ferry.Do you want up?What is that we can get you Mr. Logan?Look at all this food for 4 on Thanksgiving.Baja at Grandma Zoe's and Grandpa Rick's relaxing.Picture of the grass with lights all over.This is the bear that you walk through to start the Zoo Light tour.Looking down towards the aquarium.Another picture of penguins.These are penguins all done up in lights.Logan enjoying mommy pushing him in his stroller.Trees and fish all done in lights.Not sure what this is a picture of...but it is here.Logan in his stroller looking at the goats.A terrible picture of Logan reaching out to the goats in the petting zoo.Look at all the lights on these bushes.The start of the monkey swinging.A shot looking back down the path.A whole bunch of pretty trees.Picture taken without night shot.Now we get to see the lions and elephants up close.Can you see the elephant all lit up in the background?A whole grove of trees here.A cool tree all lighted up.Different angle of the Reindeer lights.Reindeer light display.Water buffalo lights.Zoo lights at Pt. DefianceA beautiful shot of the Zoo Lights.A penguin light display.Better picture of the penguins.THis was a rainbow display.Another shot of the rainbow with different lighting.An overview of lights at Zoo LightsDifferent lighting with the camera.There were thousands of lights all over the ground, trees and every where.A shot of the moon on the beautiful night we went to the Zoo Lights.A closer shot of the moon.Another shot of the moon.Logan's first trip to the Zoolights.Night shot lighting of Logan in front of the sign.Maya enjoying herself on Logan's beanbag chair.What a cutie!