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Logan going to get down from eating.Maya coming out of the bedroom.Logan in his highchair.Did you like your dinner?This was a pheasant in a tree in our backyard.Logan playing like a big boy.Logan still playing.Dumping out his toy bag now.Boss Hoss motorcycle at 2001 Governer's Run.  This bike has a Z24 Chevrolet small block 350 in it.Close up of the engine.Big rear tire. As big as the tires on my '73 NovaLogan at the Governor's Run.Logan looks tired.Honda Gold WingHonda ValkyrieHarley SoftailHarley SoftailBoss Hoss from the front.Logan and daddy haning out watching a show.Great picture of my two boys.Harley Davidson Tourin cycleNicely painted Honda Valkyrie and trailerHarleys in the bike showOne of three drill teams performing on SundayThese guys drive Honda Gold WingsNew Honda VTX1800 cruiser.Older Harley from the AMF days.Nice looking IndianYamaha RoadStar. Much bigger version of my bike.Another Honda VTX1800 from the left.and the right.Looks almost exactly like my bike, but this one has a nicer seat on the back.Honda Valkyrie trike conversionNice looking Harley Davidson.I am basically standing in the middle of the lot looking on one direction here.  There were over a 1000 riders here on Sunday.The Seattle Cossacks Stunt TeamHere you can see two men driving, one man holding the cycles together, and another doing a headstand on his back.Logan is starting to use his piano as a walker.There he is standing up at this piano.Opps, he sat down now.He really likes his piano.Not the best picture, but he is sure sweet.Isn't that cute.Logan playing.He is sure smiling for some reason.He is such a good kid.Great picture of our handsome son.Trying to crawl up in daddy's lap to get the camera.What a sweetheart.A close-up!An extreme close-up.What is Logan so intrigued with?There is Walter Alan with a colander on his head.What a silly Walt.Hey who is under that colander?Oh, see it is Walter.Another pic of Logan.Now Logan does not look happy.Oh, I guess he is, just not in the last picture.Logan preparing to eat.What a sweetheart.Logan getting ready for breakfast.Baja at her watch.Maya waiting for someone to love her.There is that happy boy again.Boy, he is sure smiley.Look at all those teeth.He has all of his front teeth here.What is that look?This is the face he loved to make at this stage.We are trying to get the crinkle face that he gives.That is actually a happy face, believe it or not.Ooopps, we better not make him laugh he has food in there.We are getting closer to the crinkle face.What a silly ham.He makes us laugh a lot.Still hamming it up for the camera.Logan could have his picture taken all day.See...Now he is crawling away from the camera.Yes, that is a beer bottle Logan has.Standing up against the couch.