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Logan and mommy outside on a nice March day.Smiley boy!Isn't he adorable.What are you looking at son?Logan in his cute little hat.Danger Boy ( our nickname for him) playing his piano.He Danger, what is going on?Look at that sweet face.You like that star, huh?You didn't have to put it down, I was just taking a picture.Hey buddy, are you ever going to crawl forward?See, he really likes his piano.There is Maya acting Princess like.Now he is playing with his jittery bus.What a silly, silly boy. Logan being a silly boy.There is our smiley boy.Our boy crawling every where.See...he got over to his blanket.He likes his blankets.Now he standing up on his toes and hands.Push-ups...way to go!Yeah Logan, you can do it.There is our Danger Boy.Another shot of Logan.Playing with his toys.Isn't he sweet.What a ham.Maya after surgery.Maya having to have a collar on so she doesn't chew her foot.Being fed at Aunt Heather's.Logan is a good eater.Grandma Zoe and Logan.Thom, Carl and Heather.Logan looking at the pig like it is crazy.This pig oinked and Logan was not sure if he liked it.Grandma Zoe opening presents.Kate, Elsa and Jennifer.Grandma Zoe and Thom.Grandma Zoe being silly.Kate, Elsa, Carl and Catherine.More gifts up.Zoe and Thom.Auntie Heather and Logan.Presents...presents...presents....Grandma Zoe.Grandpa Rick and grandson.Logan hanging out with Grandpa Rick.Lovely picture of Sandra and Thom.Logan with Grandpa still.Still with Grandpa Rick.