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Logan in his stylin' Schooby Doo hat.Baja taking up Dad's side of the bed.Still relaxing on Dad's pillows.Logan awaiting food.Logan discovers he has a pocket on his bib.He doesn't look very happy in this picture.Logan ready for bed enjoying one of mom's baby magazines.Now he has one of the dog's bones.Look at that smile!Going after the dog bone.Logan awaiting mom and dad to get in gear for the Solstice Parade.This man was making lots of bubbles at the Solstice Parade in Freemont.Look at all those bubbles.You can see him further away making bubbles.What in the hell are these green things?Silly green things.(Found out on the news they were in town for an acrobatic stunt on the Space Needle)This is a nude bicyclist with body paint on.More nude bicyclists.And still more.And still more... It is hard to believe so many will ride naked on a bike.dsc00025.jpgFloat for the monorail expansion.Cool fish float.Some kind of crazy band.Another shot of the band.Logan thought this was funny.There was a whold herd of themAnd a wickerman too...dsc00035.jpgAnother band.This was a pretty cool dragon.Some crazy man thing.Logan and mom enjoying the parade.The stilt people.You have to admit some of these are pretty cool.More partial naked people and colorful float.Don't have a clue as to what this is.Same thing different perspective.More colorful creatures.This was like a tribal/go-go dancer float coming.See what I mean?Another band.Lots of women.Well, do I really have to tell you?  It's a penis.Renassiance type of float.These were the oompa loompas.A rather large spider.Dancers and a band...I think.A beach ball.The utilikiltarians in the parade...Timm has a Utilikilt!Another picture where Timm was suppose to be marching.More Kilt wearers.They are gathering to do something.As you can see they are calling them to a circle.Now in the circle...they all lifted their kilts to show their bums.More women.Nice periwinkle hair.These people were in support of breast cancer.Belly dancers.Belly dancers.dsc00071.jpgNaked woman.More of the naked woman.A green blob?Bird people.More bird people.People as birds...I got tired of bird people.A band in purple shirts.A salmon head.Protesting salmon fishing.A band on a float.Interesting float for people to put their heads through.This band was playing water bottles.Another colorful float.Protesting SUV's.Not sure what exactly this is.Dancers...Baja being very silly.There is our silly Pooh.And their is Princess Maya.Another picture of our Princess.And there is Queen Pooh.Baja being goofy.Maya attacking Pooh...well, they are just playing.See, Baja and Maya really love each other.And they are still goofy as hell.Welcome to our day at Woodland Park Zoo.Lisa Marie and Walter on a structure at the Zoo.Erik climbing a tree.Mark, Walter, Lisa and Erik on a cool tree.Climbing on the rope spider web.Walter and Erik on the spider web.Walter, Lisa and Erik on the web.Gorilla rolling around.The gorillas were tired this day.Monkey on the savannah.A gazelle?  Not sure, sorry.Another monkey on a tree.This lion was so cool.  But he was sleeping right now.A zebra was a real hit with the kids.Giraffes are very cool animals.Can you see the hippos? They are under the water.Lisa and Erik on the hippo sculpture.Walter has joined them now.Penguin sunning himself.Another penguin swimming.Aren't they gracefulLogan really liked these guys.A rather large Iguana.A miniature crocodile.A family of turtles.An enormous python.This is a sun bear...they were feeding.This is the other sun bear.Still feeding.dsc00130.jpgdsc00131.jpgdsc00132.jpgBirds of prey.  Bald Eagle, Perguine Falcon, and a couple of hawks.Owls are cool!This eagle was extremely beautiful.Can you see the wolf?  He is in the grass on the right side of the screen.He is still there.A porcupine in the tree.A very large grizzly bear.Another grizzly sleeping.A moutain sheep.A cute little otter.This is the bald eagle's nest.  It is huge.The eagle under its nest.And an eagle in the nest.Here is an elk it still has velvet on his antlers.A bull and a cow elk.Mountain goats...very cool picture.Lisa surrounded by ravens.Walt had to jump in there.The emu is laying down.I think this was a wallaroo.dsc00155.jpgI believe this is a lemur.Look at this beautiful Bengal Tiger.This tiger growled and talked the whole time we were there.Isn't he majestic?Timm?  Nope, it is an orangatung.dsc00162.jpgPart of the elephant herd.A taper.Another  elephant.Hansa the baby elephant.A better picture of Hansa.She is really very cute.Baja, Maya and Timm relaxing in the front yard.I think Maya likes the chair.