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Our master chef Timm w/ his first brisket.His first BBQ/smoked beef brisket.Pasha's birthday at Juliet's house.Denise Peterson holding Logan.Juliet cooking.This was a very cool cloud.Juliet still cooking.Eric on porch, Denise and Logan and I.Juliet finally out of the kitchen.Deb and Juliet chatting.Jerry (a Friend of Pasha and Debbie's).Debbie filling up water balloons, and Pasha's Head.Jerry after having a balloon break on him.Scott is filling up balloons now.Pasha, Debbie, Matt (Juliet's boyfriend) and Eric.Amber and Logan.  Logan really liked her.Eric trying to give Logan a squirt gun.Logan and his first squirt gun.Amber helping Logan wave Denise and Jeff.Logan eating Amber's corn.There I am. And Denise.Scott, Eric and Pasha enjoying the afternoon.Logan really loves corn.There is Jerry enjoying himself.Pasha enjoying his birthday.Matt and Juliet still cooking.Eric uh...well you can see.Now Eric is kissing Pasha.These boys are silly.Not sure exactly what is going on here.We will let you decide what is happening.Eric being silly with Logan.Now...Logan is giving kisses.Here is Logan sleeping.What an angelic little boy.Isn't he sweet?Eric, Jerry, Pasha (playing) Debbie and Maddie.Everyone enjoying themselves.Jerry, Pasha and Juliet.Jeff at the fire on the beach.Maya and Baja at the beach.Maddie being cute.Richard, Jennifer and Donna at the beach.Our pretty little princess.Our beautiful queen.Pasha and Maddie.Everyone enjoying a little snack at the beach.Baja and Maya...aren't they cute.Not sure who is on the beach here.Debbie holding Maddie and Logan.Everyone having a good time.Just enjoying a beautiful evening at the beach.Logan in his playpen.The lights of the shipyard.Jeff's Uncle Dan, Jeff and Jeff's Aunt Susan.Logan and Aunt Heather.Heather and Eric on the beach.Maya and Baja being good.Heather being silly.Pasha in action.Connie and Mark Wells.Some of the kids playing on the 4th of July.A little puppy at 4th of July.Everyone enjoying themselves on the 4th.Baja and Maya enjoying themselves.Pasha and his dad talking.Pasha and his dad.Pasha and Jeff building the sparkler bomb.The gazebos set up for helping to have some shade.Everyone eating.Just enjoying ourselves for the day.Mark Wells.Connie and Mark.Another picture of Connie and Mark enjoying themselves.Someone out on a boat.Nice picture of the water.Maya sacked out.Doug Leonard, a friend.Enjoying the day as it turns to evening.The sun going down.Mark and Connie relazing.People eating.Maya still sacked out.Baja enjoying being with people.Sandra holding Logan and Eric visting.Juliet and Matt just arriving.Some of the early fireworks.A picture of Manette.Some fireworks going off across the water.Some more fireworks.Fireworks early on in the evening.Still not dark enough for a good shot.Finally the sky is getting darker.Some of our fireworks being set off.This is a pretty cool picture.Interesting shot of fireworks.Cool looking red spot.More fireworks.Even more fireworks.Do you think we have enough fireworks?This firework shot almost looks like stars.Another artillery shell shot.The Another shot or the sparkler bomb.Maya being held by Mark and Connie.The after burn of the sparkler bomb.Look at how hot it is.Logan and me in the swimming pool.Logan and I still in the pool.Logan's birthday cake that Timm decorated.A different angle of the cake.Jared and Walt sharing a chair.I am feeding Logan.My family at Logan & Lisa's party.Another shot of people eating.Grandma ZoeAnn at Logan's party.The gazebo for the food.Marianne and Michael playing.David in hat, Marianne standing up.Aunt Heather seated, Jenni holding Logan and Ty.The kids playing.Logan enjoying bubbles.Logan and Lisa enjoying themselves.Logan and Lisa.Logan loves bubbles.Grandma ZoeAnn, Ron and myself.Logan looking at his presents.Lisa and Logan preparing to open presents.Look at all those presents.Holy cow!Do you think there are enough presents here?Logan is buried by presents.He really liked this lite-brite.There is Lisa opening her presents too.Does anyone need this many gifts?I am trying to get Logan to open some.Isn't the birthday boy cute?Have we even opened any?Hard to believe Lisa is 11.What a sweetie-pie.I think we have finally made a dent.Logan looking at his new police car.A sort and go car from Aunt Beth.I am still opening presents and Lisa is done.Logan kissing his little people.I think we are finally done.Nope, I guess not.This little sweetie has gotten a lot of gifts.Cake that Marianne made for Lisa.Lisa and Erik with the cake.Logan looking at his first cake.We gave him a cupcake.I think Logan likes his cupcake.Look at that cutie-pie.He really liked this cake.Now he starts making a mess.Look at this...I am so glad we brought a washcloth.What a silly birthday boy.Now we are home and he wants the balloons.He really likes the balloons.This boy is so sweet.  Logan crawling in his laundry basket.There is our big boy.Logan is chewing on Baja's dog tags.He loves the dog's collar for some reason.Playing with his new school bus.He is so cute.Logan really likes to have his picture taken.What a happy boy.Must be a commercial on...he likes themThere is that face he makes.Not the best picture.Looking at the TV again?Logan and Baja's bed.Logan pulling himself up.Logan would like to have the camera.He is so cute.Logan in his car seat.An extreme close-up.There is our boy.What a sweetheart