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Heading out to the mountains to sled.Kari waiting for Sandra to get her coffee and get in the car.Sandra and Kari up on the mountain.Sandra standing up on the side of the hill.Look it is snowing.Ron and Kaleb and their slide.There is Logan on Daddy's back. He liked the snow.Crow flying around in the snow.Crow landing in tree.Now the crow is sitting in the snow covered tree.Jennifer sliding down the hill.Jennifer crashing.Jennifer and Kaleb at the bottom of the hill.Jen and Kaleb trying to get up.Timm and Logan in Logan's first outing in the snow.Boy, Logan looks comfy on Daddy's back.Jennifer hiking back up from the bottom.Ron helping Jen put her glove back on.There goes Kaleb.Snow hitting Logan's face.There is Sandra with a sled and Jen with Logan.Looks like Sandra went sledding.There goes Kari sledding down the hill.Still going.Kari died at the end of the run.Get up...time to do it again.There goes Sandra.And now Sandra is trying to stop.Look, Sandra feel over.There is Kari and Kaleb getting ready to slide.Ron give Kaleb a little push.Kaleb slides right past Logan and Jen.Looks like he is having a good time.Kaleb could go all day I think.There goes Kari again.A crow in the snow.There is that silly crow walking on the snow.There is Kari sliding again.Still going....See, Kaleb could really do it all day.Logan is about ready to head back to the car.There goes Ron.  Looks like Jen is going to go again too.There goes the Trogdon family.Opps, looks like Kaleb came off.Ron had a good run.He is still going.Logan looking at mom asking if he wants milk.Logan sitting in his car seat.Diane Miller on Super Bowl Sunday.Everyone watching the Super Bowl.