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Grandma Zoe holding a tired boy on Grandpa Rick's birthday.Isn't he sweet.Grandma went to sleep with Logan now.Uncle Mike and Aunt Bette McQuade with Logan.This is Logan's first time meeting the McQuade's.Another shot of Logan with Aunt Bette and Uncle Mike.I think Logan is almost the same size as Aunt Bette...just teasing.Grandpa Rick at his party.Logan taking a bath. One of his favorite times.Hey Logan, mommy is taking pictures of you.A little closer up one of Mr. Logan.First time drinking by himself from a cup.Good job son!Still drinking.Logan crawling backwards.Hey handsome, how are you doing?Baja and Logan nose to nose.Logan and Baja being cute.Baja left, she loves him but doesn't want him to crawl on her.Snow...picture taken on back porch when it just started.Shot of the dog's prints in the snow.Picture of the front yard. Cool how it captured the snow falling.Really liked the fact you could capture the falling snow, so took another pic.Trying to take a picture of the Explorer, but it is dark.Another cool pic of snowing coming down.Here is the back porch about 2 AM. Quite a bit has fallen.Another picture of the back porch.This was about 4 AM, just about time to get Timm up for work...will he go?Nope, Timm did not go, note both cars in the driveway.Look at those beautiful trees.Here is a picture of the back porch about 8 AM.Baja out enjoying the snow...the dogs love it!Look at those two go, better than a snowplow.Cute little Maya.Awesome picture of the snow in the trees.Another cool picture of snow in the maple tree.Logan hanging out on the boppy.Are you trying to clap?Logan has a spoon the first time.Trying to feed yourself?What a sweetheart.