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There is our silly Logan.Isn't he cute.Maya looking sweet.Logan on his first camping trip.Garter snake at Schafer State Park.This snake was not happy.He really did not want us to bother him.Sandra, Baja and Maya in the Satsop.One of the picnic shelters.Park entrance.Sandra, Kristi and Walter.Cruso and Ceircie camping.Our humble little camp site.Mark looking like his happy self.Baja and Maya in their favorite place.Cruso and Ceircie looking cute.Logan getting a bath in the great outdoors.I don't think he really liked this.Ciercie sticking her head out.Everytime the car stopped she did this.There she is again.Walt on the big toy in Shelton.Logan sitting down in the playground.Sandra in the playground.Mommy and Logan enjoying a moment.This was a musical toy that Logan liked.Logan rolling around.He does this when he is tired.Walter and Jared at Pt. Defiance.Logan and Lucas at Pt. Defiance.The goat inspecting Logan's shoe.Lucas, Logan. Walter and Jared.Janice and Gillian and Molly.Llamas at the zoo.Penguins finding shade on a hot day.Logan looking at an animal.Lucas hanging out.Logan in daddy's b-day sombrero.He realloy liked this ig bigger than he is.Now he is ignoring us.Not a well lit picture of Logan.Car show at King County Fairgrounds.My uncle Mikes Mecury MoneteryThis is like mine, only it's a '74 with a louvered hood and a sunroof, AND it's the wrong color tooMy wifes' dream carBitchin CamaroNice custom Chevy IIYAN, yet another Nova. Do you see a trend here??? I thought it looked cool'64 Chevy II/Nova. I want to get one of these somedayChevy II/Nova'59 Ford Skyliner. Don't see many of theseLots of '72s here as wellChopped and lowered '59 FordLots of red cars here. This ones a MalibuSame FalconFalcon I thinkVery clean '59 Ford Ranchero. Like Rick's only cleanerBeautiful '66Nice clean Chevy IINother nice '72 with matching golf cartNice older Nova/Chevy IINice '72 Nova. I would kill to get some door off of one for my '73Aunt Bette, Grandpa Rick and Logan.Logan enjoying empty cans.Now the cans are in Grandpa Rick's boots.