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Logan Bran Gleason.Logan with Tigger.Uh Oh, Logan does not look happy.That is better.He is getting that look again.opps, never mind he is smiling now.Hey, where are you going?  We are trying to take pictures of you.Okay, I guess we will take pictures of the dogs then.What?  They don't want pictures either?Oh wait, Maya is cleaning Baja's ears.Now where is Maya going?There is our oldest sweetheart.Now Maya is back.Look at our silly dogs.Maya and Logan.Hi Logan, do you like your pictures taken?Logan looking sweet.Crawling toward camera.Logan likes strings.See, he really likes them.He will not let go of the string.If you look at the left side of Logan's forehead, you will notice his first bruise.How did he get the bruise?  He fell against Mr. Graves desk.Grandma Zoe and Auntie Heather on a Saturday afternoon with Logan.Grandma, Auntie Hess and Logan.Logan and Auntie Heather.Logan in action.Where are you taking that ring?Uh oh, he is heading for the camera.Logan's first Easter.Isn't he cute?Logan on his first Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Trogdon's.Crawling under the table.Playing with one of Grandma's things.