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Setting up for Mr. Graves birthday gatheringSetting up for Mr. Graves birthday gatheringLogan napping it up while we workNearly finishedNearly finishedZeke peeking out at usMr. Graves comes out to his surprise (that's his mom next to him)Mr. Graves comes out to his surprise (that's his mom next to him)Mr. Graves addresses the guiltyLogan never really wakes up for the partyMr. Cook and Mr. KaneMom and Mr. GravesMom and Mr. GravesA piñata for the younger studentsA piñata for the younger studentsFirst swing!Mrs. Mustard (Monica) reinforces the piñata with some duct tapeLogan wants to know when his turn isMr. Mustard (Dan) assists with the reinforcing ....while Mrs. Mustard (Monica) minds the ropeswinging resumesMr. Mustard (Dan) tries his best to foil the attempts at breaking the piñata'Only three swings?'Sandra and LoganCake number oneand cake number twoEven at 40, he got them all on one tryThe younger students are ready for sugar intakeMr. Borgonia examines my cameraI think that is a Bergonia as wellMrs. Mustard and Ms. McKennon serve cakeMr. Mustard also helps serve cakeMs. McKennon was one of the key instigators of this partyMr. Kirner enjoying some cakeMs. McKennon and Mr. Kane engage in some light conversationMr and Mrs. Mustard share a quiet moment (after all, they are tired after being part of the group to instigate this)Mr. Graves has just been told that he has to open presentsHow much more torture could one 40 year old take?Yes, I am 40...  did you have something else to say?As you can tell, all the junior students admire Mr. GravesIs the teasing over yet?It is almost over Mr. Graves, just one last 40 year old joke