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Logan enjoying his bottle.Maya kissing her buddy.Maya still kissing her boy.Maya and Logan still sharing a moment.Grandpa Trogdon and Logan.Grandpa Trogdon and Logan sharing a nap.Logan enjoying a quiet moment.Hey buddy, don't eat your hand.See...Maya really thinks he is her boy.Beth McKennon and Monica Mustard petting Maya.Beth petting Baja and Monica getting love from Maya.Dan Mustard relaxing before heading out to dinner.Beth and Monica buckling up for the ride.Sandra and Beth in the car.Everyone is transfixed with Monica's glass does that work?Pictures of the people there for Homecoming.Mr. John Sepulveda waiting to be seated for dinner.Mr. Tom Graves and Mr. Sepulveda engaging in conversation.Beth, Monica and Sandra waiting for dinner outside the Claimjumper.Beth and Mr. Sepulveda waiting for dinner.Mr. Graves listening intently to the converstaion.Mr. Graves and Dan talking.Getting ready to head home.Mr. Graves Vette at night.Mr. Graves getting into the VetteAll of us admring the car.Mr. Graves getting ready to leave.Mr Sepulveda  and Dan talking about Kenpo.Mr. Sepulveda, Dan and Monica saying good night.Monica, Beth and Sandra saying good night.The back of the VetteTerrible picture of Sandra...thanks Timm.Baja and Maya very tired and ready to go home.The dogs sacked out.Aren't they cute?Logan as Eeyore on his 1st Halloween.Hey Logan, wake up it is time to Trick-or-Treat.Walter Ross on the fire engine and Jared Watson standing up.Kip Ross with grandson Walter.Logan eating dinner.Walter as Batman.Jared as Pooh.Gary (Jared's Dad) with Walter and Jared.Mark (Walt's daddy) holding Walter and Gary holding Jared.dsc00051.jpgWalter trick-or-treating.Hwy Walt, how much candy do you have?Did you get some candy.Mr. Graves giving Logan a bottle, Ms. McKennon leaning in.Mr. Graves with Logan's Eeyore hat on.Mr. Graves pretending not to enjoy holding Logan, Ms.  McKennon laughing.Logan enjoying being cuddled by Mr. Graves.