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Logan being held by mommy.Sandra, Logan and Tess Morgan catching up.Alex Peterson standing in doorway, Juliet behind her, Donna Kennedy in Mariners shirt and Scott Jones back to the camera.Tess, Juliet, Katrina Hodiak and boyfriend all standing in the kitchen.A very blurry picture. Dale Peterson sitting at desk, Scott Jones on foot rest, Gordon facing us with cap on...the rest I am not sure.Juliet opening presents.She must really like her present.All excited because she got Blue!Yeah. Blue makes noise.Enjoying her party.She is ecstatic, someone gave her a Blue's Clues blanket.The birthday girl reading her card.All the kids want to help Aunt Juliet.Juliet admiring her jewels she just got.Oh, I am sure Juliet would love to know we have this picture.Mel in the hat here in the foreground, and Eva in the #32 shirt are all I know. Linda Jensen on couch, Donna next to her and Eva.Pasha lighting all 30 candles.Juliet preparing to blow out the cake.Posing for the camera.Blowing...Now cutting.Almond cheesecake.Juliet posing.Debbie leaned over, Gordon in hat, his girlfriend, Scott and Alex.reading more cards.Let everyone eat cake.More presents.Alex eating.Even more presents.Finally enjoying cake.Boy Juliet everyone must really like you.A big smile.Another one... this birthday girl is sure happy.Spoiled...Logan in his finest.