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Kyle Morris drinking a beer, Dedra Morris in gray and Melaney Watson at Mel's surprise party.Cool black light poster at Mel's party.Maya looking cute by her bone. Silly Maya.Beautiful Baja relaxing.Baja looking at the camera.Lisa and Erik Trogdon, Lisa holding Logan.Grandpa Trogdon carving the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.Lisa and Logan on Thanksgiving.Jennifer Trogdon on couch, Sandra holding Logan and Nonnie in white.Ron, Dad, Michael and David engaging in after dinner conversation.Nonnie in foreground, Kari, Dad, Michael, Marianne & David.Jen holding Logan...Logan looks cranky.Ahhh, much better Jen is cuddling now.Marianne and Kari.  What's wrong Kari don't want your picture taken?Mommy giving Logan his dinner.Jen posing.Grandpa watching everyone else.Jen and Sandra relaxing.Logan Bran hanging out.Hey daddy, are you taking my picture?Logan still laying around.Are you still taking my picture?Are you done yet?Alright, Logan has had enough, he covers his eyes.Celebrating Jen's 16th birthday.Hey Jen what did you get?  Kaleb, Erik, Lisa and Logan also in picture.David in rocker Marianne standing up.Nonnie in white.  Marianne torturing Timm...he looks thrilled.Tyler in white, Kaleb and Erik being a ham.  Jen putting presents away, Uncle Dave holding Logan, Lisa and Erik hamming it up.Look at these entertainers.  Jen folding her goods up. Uncle David still holding Logan.Logan has his first Pumpkin Pie...don't tell mom.Some sit at the table to eat dessert.Ron and Dad eating pie.Lisa not knowing she is being photgraphed.There you go Lisa, how about a smile?Nope, just a serious look.Come on Aunt Marianne, give me my food.Tyler devoured another piece of pie.