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Another overcast July 4th at Jeff Wilson's family's house. New house next door to Herb's house. Herb's house with Badmitton set in front. James standing at the table. Gary (Dan's dog) and Dan's step son. People enjoying the beach. Digging for gooeyduck and butter clams. Timm and Jeff enjoying some quiet time. Setting up fireworks. Timm and Pasha catching up. The three boys back together for some 4th of July fun. Terrible picture of PO fireworks. I was not quick enough on this. More fireworks. I need to get quicker at taking pictures. Fireworks? PO Fireworks. I might as well have not taken any pictures. No fireworks there either. There are a few. I really should have given up. That is a better shot. Looking towards where the fireworks are set off. The fireworks makes a pretty light on the water. Must be getting close to the grand finale. The sky is dark. More pretty fireworks. I wish I could catch the pretty bursts. There is one a little closer up. Now a little further away. Nice shot of a burst. More bursts. I defintely missed that one. I really like the purple one. The hint of a blue burst in the background is pretty ccol. These purple ones are pretty. A dissapating firework. And there is a nice green one. The sky is dark again. I like that two bursts together. Another one going away. These are really cool fireworks too. That is a cool looking green one. Too bad this is blurry. Caught that one too late. That is another cool shot. Would have been better if it had been closer up. Not sure if that one went off early, or I just missed it completely. That is cool with the purple dissapating. Didn't get that shot either. Now we are at the grand finale.