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Christmas Eve at Elsa Going's house. Kate at table, Elsa in red.Kate in blue, Grandma Zoe in purple and Grandpa Rick.Jennifer and her friend admire the tree.Greg and Katherine preparing food.Dave, Grandma Zoe and Greg cleaning up.Still cleaning the kitchen.Oh my goodness look at all that food.Grandma Zoe enjoying herself.Auntie Heather showing us her teeth.Katherine looking at the beautiful feast.Preparing to partake in the dinner.Kate enjoying conversation.Henry, Carl, and Grandpa Rick engaged in pre-dinner conversation.Dinner is finally served...Yeah!dsc00016.jpgCarl and Dave admiring Logan.Kate telling everyone how the gift exchange works.Preparing for the gift exchange.dsc00021.jpgdsc00022.jpgKate and Katherine relaxing after dinner.Nice picture of Heather's arm.Greg, Kate, Jennifer and Henry enjoying a relaxing time.Heather, Grandpa and Grandma watching Grandma open her gift exchange present.Heather opens hers.Everyon trying to decide if they should steal a present or open a new one.Kate hamming it up.Hey, Kate got a waffle iron.  Any takers?Kate still being a ham.Everyone is enjoying themselves tonight.Heather got a new gift...her other one was stolen.Dave opening his gift.What did you get Dave?Cool a sun plaque...Sandra thinks she wants it.  Carl got dishes...guess he is bringing salad next time.Now he is trying to show off what he has.There is Elsa showing off her basket of goodies.Someone got an extension cord.She actually seems excited about receiving the cord.The guys seem interested in what Jen is unwrapping.Jen unwrapped a teddy bear hot water bottle.She seems excited that she got it.Nice picture of Sandra....NOT!Sandra, Auntie Heather holding Logan, Grandpa Rick, and Grandma Zoe Ann.Hey Dave, that gift looks better than the sun.Dave unwrapped a homemade Grandma blanket.Now what is Henry opening?He sure takes his time opening gifts.Look, he got a case full of gold coins...chocolate ones that is.And a gift certificate too...very cool!Oppps....Zac snatched that up quick.Now Henry stole the waffle iron.And Kate has to pick something new.I wonder what she is going to get?Oh look, Sandra, Heather, Rick and Zoe Ann.Now what did you get Dave?Kate looks interested in what someone else opened.Katherine opens a video rewinder.They seem to be enjoying themselves.They all seem to be having fun. Dave showing off his cutting board.Look, Kate got some cool pens that light up.Kate do you like those pens?Now what are we opening...oh, stocking stuffers.Grandma Zoe and Kate handing out presents.A semi-dark picture, but you can see the tree lights.Everyone handing out stocking stuff.Looks like Kate is enjoying her stocking gifts.Kate and Greg giving stockings to each other.Mom and Logan and Anutie Heather.L to Rt: Greg, Kate, Dave, Jennifer and Henry opening stocking stuff.Grandpa Rick and Grandma Zoe opening presents.Everyone enjoying the festive evening.They seem to be watching others open gifts.Auntie Heather and Logan.Heather showing a gift to Rick and Mom.Henry enjoying dessert.Grandpa and Grandma Trogdon's Christmas Tree, and Logan's 1st Santa gift.A different shot of the tree.Eating cinnamon rolls for Christmas Breakfast.The start of the craziness.Aunt Kari and Sandra opening stocking stuff.Uncle Ron looking at what one of his kids got.l to Rt:  Sandra, Jennifer, Grandma Trogdon, Kaleb.Still opening stocking stuff.Showing Jennifer one of my Pooh ornaments.Tyler opening one of his stocking stuffers.Jennifer unwrapping one of her ornaments.Uncle Dave looking at something across the room and Kaleb on the floor.Grandpa, Uncle Dave, Uncle Ron and Kaleb putting stocking stuff away.Nonnie and Uncle Ron opening gifts.Tyler handing out you think there are enough?Now Jennifer's turn to open one.Nice shot of Kari's hair.Tyler must be looking for one of his.Hey, who invited that construction worker. Oh wait, that is Kaleb.Sandra, Grandpa and Grandma Trogdon enjoying Christmas.Logan Bran's First Christmas Day!Doesn't he look excited about Christmas?There is that construction worker again.Kaleb looks quit handsome in that getup.I guess he won't take his gear off now.There is Timm opening a gift.Jennifer and Logan enjoying a moment.That must be the best gift yet.Grandpa opening a gift.Sandra opening a gift from Timm.Kari, is that a yawn?Well, I think that is Dave, but it is hard to tell with a shoe in front of his face.Looks like Kaleb took part of his outfit off.Opps, talked to soon. And, now he has a police badge on.Kaleb hamming it up for the camera.Logan is helping open a present.Now Tyler is helping Logan open a present.Grandma is opening a present.Look, Grandma got snowmen, she loves snowmen.Tyler got ammunition, he is very excited.Tyler enjoying a present.Lovely picture of me....NOT!Still not a good picture, but at least it isn't blurry.Another picture.  Timm...stop taking them.Jennifer feeding Logan.Tyler opening another present.Still opening.  Tyler, you take too long.Kaleb is impatient, he wants gifts now.Looks like Uncle David helped him get one.Uncle David looking at Kaleb's gift.Uncle Ron holding Logan and Logan's new lion from Jennifer.Grandma opening a gift.Logan eating Uncle Ron's gift.Ron still playing with Logan.Logan looks like he is having a good time.Hey, don't take my paper, I like my paper.Look at all those presents, and there are still more to go.Grandpa opening a gift.Grandpa just opened his Rhino lining gift.  There is the gift certificate in hand.He is going to kill all of us once he realizes what it is.Dad just realized what it is.  He was a little choked up.Logan the day after Christmas, enjoying some floor time.Who is that cute baby?Logan seems to like laying on his back.There is Logan still haning out.Look at that smile.  What a sweetheart.